- Office cleaning,

- Schools and kindergartens cleaning,

- Commercial buildings cleaning,

-Staircases cleaning,

- Sport facilities cleaning,

- Houses and private apartments cleaning,

- Bakery cleaning,

- Restaurant cleaning,

- Hotels, hostels etc. cleaning.

We offer an extensive set of cleaning services:

- vacuuming,

- dust and dirty removal,

- mopping,

- making beds,

- bathroom cleaning,

- toilet cleaning,

- kitchen cleaning,

- general clean-up,

- ironing and folding the laundry,

- libraries clean-up.

We treat each order individually and together with you we set the range and duration of our services.

We provide services in: Den Haag, Rijswijk, Delft, Pijnacker, Voorburg, Wassenaar, Wateringen, Nootdorp and nearby.


Ready to challenge us?? You're welcome to cooperate.

DkCleanHome  Schoonmaakbedrijf

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Our offer is addressed to both private and business clients.

If you want to take care of your business you'e come the right place.

If you can't manage to keep order in your house on a daily basis, we are at your disposal.

We are a comprehensive company, which is why we undertake various tasks:


... with a passion for cleaning ...   


         We care about the cleanliness of your space.

If you're quite good at cleaning, but things that are difficult to clean, such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, cause you a headache, we'll come to help you with the periodic cleaning.

Periodic cleaning

schoonmaakbedrijf Den Haag | schoonmaakbedrijf DkCleanHome | one-time cleaning | regular cleaning | periodic cleaning

We understand that sometimes a cleaning company may only be needed in an emergency. That's why we also have a one-time cleaning service for you, e.g. when you move out, when you come back from vacation, holiday cleaning, extra cleaning.

schoonmaakbedrijf Den Haag | schoonmaakbedrijf DkCleanHome | one-time cleaning | regular cleaning | periodic cleaning

One-time cleaning

If you choose regular cleaning you will receive our reliable assistance on all days selected by you. You will save your precious time by constantly maintaining cleanliness.

Regular cleaning

schoonmaakbedrijf Den Haag | schoonmaakbedrijf DkCleanHome | Regular cleaning | One-time cleaning | periodic cleaning
schoonmaakbedrijf Den Haag | schoonmaakbedrijf DkCleanHome | cleaning company in Den Haag | cleaning kantoor
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About us. 
DkCleanHome cleaning company

We are a young cleaning company, operating in and around Den Haag. It was founded by two young and ambitious people. From the beginning, our main goal has been to improve our client's quality of life. Our passion for cleanliness is to take care of every detail. We know how clean space makes life easier. Let us create it for you.


2522VB Den Haag

E-mail: info@dkcleanhome.nl

Tel: 0682 738 107