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DkCleanHome Schoonmaakbedrijf

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Take care of your workplace

schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice

Take care of a clean space for your loven ones.

schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice

Take care of your tenants

Take care of your pupils

schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice

...Cleanliness is the absolute foundation of any hotel...

schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice
schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice

...Public facilies...

Gym, fitness, swimming pool, tennis court... public places due to the large number of visitors require special care and a suitable standard. Our comprehensive experience will allow us to adjust the type of services to the needs of your facility.

Your guest is our priority

Gym and fitness - take care of your business

If you're quite good at cleaning, but things that are difficult to clean, such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, cause you a headache, we'll come to help you with the periodic cleaning.

Periodic cleaning

We understand that sometimes a cleaning company may only be needed in an emergency. That's why we also have a one-time cleaning service for you, e.g. when you move out, when you come back from vacation, holiday cleaning, extra cleaning.

One-time cleaning

If you choose regular cleaning you will receive our reliable assistance on all days selected by you. You will save your precious time by constantly maintaining cleanliness.

Regular cleaning

Busy at work?? No time at home for your loved ones? We will come to the rescue. We will take care of every detail so that your house shines with cleanliness and your office is your schowcase.
"Office cleaning"

A well-maintained office is the basis for productivity and comfort. The workplace should, therefore, be ergonomic and comfortable, but an office is also a showcase. We welcome clients or subcontractors in it, so the representative aspect is also important. We will be happy to help you to keep your workplace clean. We will adjust the hours so that you can continue to enjoy comfort and peace of mind.
We rarely associate the space around us with what is happening in our private or professional life. Meanwhile, those things have a lot in common. The state of our house reflects the state of our mind. So if there is chaos in your house, it will also be present in your head, and thus in all areas of your life. Let us help you.
" Cleaning the house and cleaning the apartment " 

Cleanliness is an important health issue. People with children or pets know how difficult it is to keep everything clean. Sometimes it's worth to trust specialists and to entrust them with a task which results are not clear for us. It is important that no dangerous bacteria lurk in your house. Taka care of it today !
A staircase is often the showcase of a house, especially when guests visit it for the first time. It's a place that tenants use every day so although it's difficult to keep it in order, they like it when it smells fresh.
" Staircase cleaning "

In residential buildings we come across the most typical dirt: sand and mud on shoes, dust and greasy plam prints on windows. We often come across dados or lift dabbled with markers. If the resident pays for the service, he or she has the right to require that the cleaning be done regularly and reliably. With the help of our cleaning company, you will provide comfort to your tenants and visitors.
One of the main concerns of parents hose children go to kindergarten is their immunity to infections. Small children, especially those who are just beginning their pre-school education, have very low immunity and their organisms are quickly infected by dangerous microorganisms. One often hears that a child in kindergarten starts to fall ill more often, even if it was previously a picture of health. Take care of the environment. With us you will eliminate all dangerous bacteria and fungi.
" School cleaning and cleaning of kindergartens  "

Every so often there is an epidemic of infectious diseases in every kindergarten because infectious children are brought to the kindergarten by their parents and infect other children. This problem is hard to avoid, because many diseases cause infections even before the first symptoms of the disease appear. That is why it is so important to keep the kindergartens clean. Hygiene conditions in the kindergarten are very important. These include cleaning of sanitary facilities, systematic cleaning and disinfection of changing-rooms, using a steam option in the dishwasher while washing the dishes that children eat from. Children do not yet have good hygiene habits and do not shy away from close contact with other children, and tend to get dirty - that is why it is necessary to keep the kindergartens clean.
Cleanliness is extremely important for hotel guests. Because they want to feel at home, it is unacceptable to neglect and improperly clean the surfaces and rooms of the hotel. Provide conditions for a full and unfettered rest of the Guest.
" Hotel cleaning "

We will help you to keep your hotel perfectly clean. Thanks to many years of experience in the hotel industry we are specialists in this field. We will make sure that your hotel is perfectly clean according to its category nad standard.
" Cleaning of gyms and sports clubs " 

The growing popularity of fitness clubs and gyms makes maintaining cleanliness in these facilities more and more difficult for their owners. A fitness club or gym is a public place, not an apartment. This means that every surface there should be regularly and professionally cleaned and disinfected with special equipment and preparations. Our specially trained team DkCleanHome will come to your aid.

The cleaning should include all lavatories and shower rooms, as well as floors, mirrors and fittings, towel change  and soap refill. But that's not all. In addition to the current service, he gym should also provide so-called basic cleaning after closing or before opening the facility, let us do it for you.

... with a passion for cleaning ...     


         We care about the cleanliness of your space.

...To make everyday life easier...

...A clean house is a clean mind...

...Your entrance is your showcase...

Ready to challenge us?? You're welcome to cooperate.

...A healthy kindergarten environment...

DkCleanHome Schoonmaakbedrijf

Ready to challenge us?? You're welcome to cooperate.

schoonmaakbedrijf schoonmaakbedrijfen schoonmaakbedrijven schoonmaakservice

About us. 
DkCleanHome cleaning company

We are a young cleaning company, operating in and around Den Haag. It was founded by two young and ambitious people. From the beginning, our main goal has been to improve our client's quality of life. Our passion for cleanliness is to take care of every detail. We know how clean space makes life easier. Let us create it for you.


2522VB Den Haag


Tel: 0682 738 107