How we work during

                     COVID 19


We never forget to       

disinfect hands.


We take care of proper protection.


Hygiene id the basis of

our work.


DkCleanHome Schoonmaakbedrijf

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Ons schoonmaakbedrijf DkCleanHome zorgt voor gezondheid en veiligheid op het werk.
 Ons schoonmaakbedrijf zorgt voor maximale zuiverheid voor klanten
Our basic security:
In this unusual situation, which is life with COVID-19 around us, our cleaning company tries to take all the precautions to ensure full safety for our customers and employees. When performing cleaning services, all our employees are properly secured and observe basic safety rules.

If we do our work while you are around, we try to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, or to clean another room during this time.

Each of our cleaning staff checks body temperature daily. If any of the symptoms of the disease occur, he will definitely not visit you, and we will provide a replacement for him.

If you are in a facility that we are cleaning, or one of your colleagues or guests, then our employees will work in protective masks to keep us all safe.

We take care of disinfection and frequent hand washing.
As you know, increased hygiene is advisable in the current situation. Therefore, all our employees take care of frequent hand washing, both before and after work. They also apply additional disinfection.

Regardless of the times we live in, hygiene is the basis of our work. That is why each of our cleaning staff uses protective gloves. Gloves are changed on each object and after cleaning the bathroom and toilet. 

Ready to challenge us?? You're welcome to cooperate.

During the epidemic of the coronavirus, it is extremely important to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene. Our cleaning company DkCleanHome will help you to keep your space clean and safe. Regular cleaning ensures that your space is kept clean and safe and reduces the risk of transmitting an infection. In the current situation, maintaining cleanliness is a priority, which is why increased vigilance on cleanliness has begun in many school establishments and many offices and companies. In some situations we provide services even several times a day. Despite the extreme situation we try to meet the requirements of our customers. We perfectly understand the seriousness of the situation and try to provide optimal service for everyone.
Our cleaning company offers a wide range of services. We serve a variety of customers. 

 We would be pleased to come and help you as well.  

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About us. 
DkCleanHome cleaning company

We are a young cleaning company, operating in and around Den Haag. It was founded by two young and ambitious people. From the beginning, our main goal has been to improve our client's quality of life. Our passion for cleanliness is to take care of every detail. We know how clean space makes life easier. Let us create it for you.


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