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DkCleanHome - a cleaning company for private clients.
We offer cleaning of private houses and private apartments.   We pay special attention to the cleaning of private houses because we realize that every home user has different requirements.

Your time is very important.

Allow yourself a bit of luxury.

Basic cleaning services for private individuals include:

- dust removal from flat surfaces such as: desks, tables, windowsills, cabinets, shelves,
- vacuuming the floor,
- mopping the floor,
- vacuuming and wiping chairs and sofas,
- bedding change,
- wiping the fronts of furniture,
- collecting garbage,
- putting new bags in the garbage bins,
- restroom cleaning,
- bathroom cleaning,
- cleaning the kitchen,
- cleaning the lobby.

On request or occasionally, we also perform:
- taking care of the plants,
- cleaning thoroughly and descaling kettles,
- cleaning the stoves thoroughly,
- washing windows from the inside and outside on the ground floor and on balconies,
- cleaning of cabinets and shelves inside,
- clothes laundry,
- ironing clothes,

We approach each client individually.  If you want to expand the range of cleaning services that we can provide for you, please contact us to arrange details.  The cleaning range can always be extended or reduced. Our cleaning company DkCleanHome is characterized by an individual approach to the customer. We try to meet your requirements and find the best terms of cooperation.

We always follow the rules of work hygiene:

- we take care to change our cleaning wipes frequently,
- bathrooms and toilets are cleaned with designated wipes and tools,
- our employees change their gloves after cleaning bathrooms and toilets. 
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About us. 
DkCleanHome cleaning company

We are a young cleaning company, operating in and around Den Haag. It was founded by two young and ambitious people. From the beginning, our main goal has been to improve our client's quality of life. Our passion for cleanliness is to take care of every detail. We know how clean space makes life easier. Let us create it for you.


2522VB Den Haag


Tel: 0682 738 107